HMI Group listens to your needs and designs sourcing programs that meet your unique requirements. We focus on matching your product, delivery and cost criteria with the manufacturing and logistics arrangement best suited for your project.

HMI Group ensures the quality of your products through comprehensive quality management programs and consistent application of those programs throughout the production process. Our engineers are on the ground at each supplier from the start of the project through the pre-shipment inspection, making sure that only the most capable, quality conscious and cost effective manufacturers are chosen to provide your components.

HMI Group’s on-site engineering teams work directly with our suppliers and communicate through each sales office to arrive at acceptable and achievable manufacturing solutions for each project. These requirements are then developed into customized and formal procedures to ensure the highest of quality. With our sourcing offices located close to the supply base, HMI Group is well-positioned to act immediately if problems do arise in order to quickly determine root cause and develop acceptable solutions, minimizing any disruptions in the supply chain.